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SGA Urban Legends Fic

Title: Technical Errors
Author: LttleDvl
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Rodney McKay/Radek Zelenka
Rating: T (brief sexual reference)
Disclaimer: Nope, I don't own a bit of it; I just like to play around with the characters.
Urban Legend: Couple accidentally returns erotic tape of themselves to video store.
Word count: 1796

Radek wandered into the lab to find Rodney already set up. Figures, he muttered to himself, I wonder if it wasn’t for me, if the man would ever get any sleep at all.

Workaholic didn’t come close to describing Rodney. Lived his work everyday was more like it. Despite being in another galaxy with not much else to do other than work, it was semi-understandable, but at least the rest of the expedition team did pursue some activities outside of just their duties.

Radek had finally convinced him to join the chess club, despite loud protests from the other man and he rather suspected that the only reason Rodney finally joined in the end was because he’d finally found something he couldn’t beat Radek at. Now it was like a grim determination; Rodney was dead-set that someday, he’d beat Radek at a match.

The scientist smirked slightly as he watched Rodney scurry around the computer setup. Radek still couldn’t believe all that had happened from that competition, looking back on it, he was amazed that things had come so far. A simple game had brought them together in friendly competition, but after awhile, it had delved into a companionship neither man had ever seen coming.

True, they both were a bit lonely out here, but Radek had never imagined that he’d wind up bedding and being bedded by his friend and boss. Thankfully, no one suspected anything. Any changes in Rodney’s moods or the fact that he was perhaps a little less snappish now than when first came here, could be attributed to all the things he’d gone through since. Watching some of your colleagues die...well, that’s got to make anyone change their outlook, even if only a little.

He had to admit though, working for Rodney had gotten a little easier since they’d become bed partners. Guess the head scientist was able to relax enough that he didn’t always automatically jump on Radek’s case at the slightest glitch.

Rodney turned and frowned, “Aren’t you ready yet? What are you doing? Standing around and daydreaming? Come on, let’s get this set up and over with!”

Radek grinned slightly, So much for the relaxed snippish attitude. Though he could tell that Rodney was only being snappish on the surface. The evening they had last night...that would make anyone a lot more agreeable in the morning.

He busied himself setting up his own laptop next to Rodney’s and began to pull up the programs he’d need, plugging the machine into Atlantis’s computer display so the others wouldn’t be forced to try to peer at the small laptop screen.

The rest of the scientific crew began to wander in, many clutching their coffee mugs, a few still yawning. It had been Radek’s suggestion to Rodney that he do this. After the last round of complaints about the apparent lack of intelligence and scientific knowledge on the part of his staff, he had snapped back that if he truly felt that way, then perhaps he should enlighten the rest of his team with his oh-so-vast array of knowledge. So here they were. Radek almost regretted it, since Rodney had forced him to help out, but he didn’t mind the make-up session which had followed later that evening due to their earlier spat.

He grinned to himself, thinking of all the different ways he could aggravate Rodney just so that he could get more of those make-ups. Those would be worth putting up with a frustrated Rodney for a few hours....

Rodney snapped his fingers at Radek’s back, indicating that he was impatient to start.

“All right,” Rodney called out to the assembled scientists, “First off, thank you all for coming.” Radek noted a few raised eyebrows at this apparent jovial attitude. You’re welcome, he thought as he stood next to his partner.

“Now, we are going to attempt to make this process as painless and simple as possible,” Rodney continued, despite the few grunts and grumblings of the staff. “Radek has been graciously willing to help me in this endeavor, so you all need to thank him.”

The Czech arched in eyebrow in surprise, he didn’t expect that Rodney would show such appreciation so publicly. He was deeply touched.

“Now then...first off, let’s go back to basics. Einstein’s theory of relativity...”

After the first hour had passed, Radek was beginning to rue his idea. And so was everyone else. Rodney had turned out to be one of those types of teachers that every college freshman dreaded; the droning monotone, guaranteed to make you lose focus and want to pass out. Radek knew that half of the information Rodney was currently spewing would be totally forgotten by the rest of the staff in a matter of a few hours, especially at Rodney’s current rate, but fortunately, he’d already linked the two machines together and was downloading every presentation Rodney had created.

“...of course, that application only works if you account for all the possible variables. Which, as you all know, is nearly impossible for the rest of you to manage, so I highly suggest you leave the testing of unproven hypotheses to me.”

A few muttered curses and groans echoed across the room.

“It’s all for your own safety, I assure you,” Rodney soothed. An attempt at soothing it was only, since it utterly failed.

“Moving on to the next segment,” Rodney ignored the further grumbles of protest, including the one that came from Radek, as he hit a key on his laptop, pulling up his next presentation as he faced the group. “Now we can see here...” he started but stopped at the sudden shocked looks of his staff members. Rodney was about to demand what was wrong, when he heard several gasps, one bout of choking and a string of muttered Czech swearing.

“What...” he began, but the next thing he knew Radek was flying towards the laptop as Rodney slowly spun around as the sound of some soft moaning and wet slapping noises came from the computer’s speakers. He managed to just catch a glimpse of himself and Radek, with him grinding his....

The picture suddenly cut off as Radek slammed the laptop shut. Rodney stared in horror, rooted to the floor, incapable of speech.

“Uh, thank you, all...uh” Radek took over, “That will be all for today’s session.”

Radek’s cheeks burned as he quickly ushered the staff members out. Many of them smirking and grinning as they went. He even spied one of them giving him a hearty thumbs-up. Radek groaned and rolled his eyes, So much for keeping this under wraps.

After the last person had left, Radek closed the door and strode over to Rodney’s side. The scientist still wore a look of utter shock and dismay and was leaning against one of the tables, staring at the now-blank screen.

“Rodney?” Radek asked quietly, gently prodding his arm.

Rodney blinked once, then exploded, “I can’t believe it! How did that happen! What did you do?!”

“Me?” Radek was not amused by this sudden attack, “It was not me, it was you. Your laptop, your program...why on Earth did you ever record that. When did you record that? I don’t recall being videotaped by you.” He crossed his arms over his chest, glaring at his partner, waiting.

“Err...I...” Rodney faltered, “It was my fault, I’m sorry. I recorded it, but only because when we go off-world, I miss you so much...”

Radek’s anger vanished in a wisp at Rodney’s admission. He couldn’t stay mad at him, not when he was looking so terribly guilty and admitting that he actually missed him.

“It’s okay,” Radek replied, draping his arms around his partner.

Rodney immediately began to squirm and tried to shove him off. “Are you nuts? We could get caught in here! You don’t want everyone to know do you?”

Radek stared at him in bafflement, “You can’t be serious. After that,” he pointed to the display screen, “You think anyone has any doubts about us now? In a few hours it’ll be all over the station.”

Rodney turned ashen, “Oh crap. What am I going to tell Elizabeth? I’ll bet Sheppard never lets me live this one down. When they hear that the head scientist of the team is having relations with a subordinate...” he dropped his head in hands.

“Rodney,” Radek knelt in front of his lover, “No one’s going to think any differently of you. In fact, they may just be happy for you.” Radek recalled all to well, the knowing smiles of his colleagues.

“I doubt that,” he muttered back through his hands, “Sheppard’s going to think I’m wanting to jump him or something equally asinine or paranoid.”

“Why would he think that?”

“Because!” Rodney’s head shot up so he could stare Radek in the eye. “He’s military! They frown on that sort of thing, don’t they? They’re all a bunch of homophobic bigots.”

Radek couldn’t help but grin at Rodney’s lack of intel on the social workings of Atlantis. “I think you have some incorrect notions. Sheppard’s not going to have a problem with this, rest assured.”

“Oh really,” he snapped back, “And why is that? I’m sure hard-core military career boy is going to approve of two teammates screwing each other’s brains out. Particularly since I’m you’re boss. That’s going to go over real well.”

“Rodney, John won’t care, trust me. That would be rather hypocritical of him otherwise.”

“Yeah right,” he rolled his eyes, “You don’t know him like I do, he’s...” Rodney paused as something finally wormed itself into his brain. “Hypocritical? What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“You honestly don’t know?” Radek replied, grinning.

“No; know what?”

“John’s involved with Major Lorne.”

Rodney sat blinking for several long moments, trying to wrap his brain around that prospect. He suddenly re-focused on Radek, “When did that happen?!” he demanded.

“Months ago. Long before you and I hooked up.”

“I don’t believe it.”

“Its true. Everyone in the city knows it, and nobody gives a damn, so they won’t care about us either,” he stepped in front of Rodney and pulled him into a gentle hug.


“Come on,” Radek tugged on Rodney’s sleeve in an effort to get him moving, “Let’s get this stuff picked up.”

“Okay,” came the quiet reply.

Radek glanced at Rodney from the corner of his eye, smirking slightly. “You know, you are right about one thing.”

“What’s that?” Rodney muttered in response as he unhooked his computer.

“Sheppard isn’t going to let you live this down. Once he hears that you showed a room full of scientists a video of you and a colleague getting it on....”

Radek had to duck the flying computer cable that was aimed at his head.


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Nov. 17th, 2007 12:05 am (UTC)
Loved this story!!!
I love Zelenka fic and this one was really sweet. I loved the way that you gave a good idea of what was on the computer without getting to graphic!!

I also loved the way that Rodney was worried about them getting caught togther despite the fact they had just been shown in an intimate act! It was so Rodney.

I also liked the way that Rodney seemed to be the only one who didn't know about John and Evan. It was very funny and I thought that was so Rodney as well!!!

Thank you very much for that story!!!
Feb. 16th, 2009 04:15 pm (UTC)
that made my day.;)
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