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I'm putting myself on social hiatus. This does not mean you won't see fic from me, but I will be less socially active for a while.



To Fic or Not to Fic?

Looks more like not for me. There has just been so much crap going on these past months (which I won't divest here) that I just can't find the inspiration to write much of anything. So some things I have to turn loose.

Sky/Z for 30_kisses is one. I just submitted the drop request. It currently stands at 9 completed ficlets, and unfortunately that's where it'll stay. If anyone on the flist is inclined to write Sky/Z for this challenge, go for it I say!

I do have completed parts for the pr_au100 storylines I posted, those will be finished at some point, but I won't be adding any additional 'universes'. This also means I won't be writing the full 100 prompt goals. It was a nice idea while it lasted.

Various things posted on FF.net. Probably not going anywhere anytime soon. Honestly, I'm not even sure what I have over there any more.

pyramid_dares and the Bridge story is something I'd like to complete at some point. Just not sure when that will happen.

The B5/SPD crossover. That's what I'm going to attempt to focus on in the hopes I'll be able to fire my writing back up. We'll see how that plan goes.

In the coming next two weeks, I'll be kiddie free. Hopefully that will not only give me brackets of uninterrupted time but also bring down my stress levels. I think that's mainly why I have been unable to write. We'll see how that theory works out as well.

Wish I had better things to share with you all, but that's how it goes sometimes. *sigh*


80s FicPic-alooza Challenge Fic

Title: Alone in the Dark
Author/Artist: LttleDvl
Pairing: Murdock/BA
Rating: G
Prompt: Trapped together in the dark – Shut up, fool!
Word count: 1219
Summary: BA and Murdock wind up stuck together after getting themselves caught...
A/N: Non-slashy, non-kinky. The plot bunnies wanted angst for this one. ;p And kudos for you if you get the title reference. *g*
originally posted to the kink challenge comm, 80s FicPic-alooza.

“I don’t want to get trapped in the dark again.”Collapse )
Let me clarify that question. How many of you write/play in more than one fandom? *raises hand* Have you noticed a difference in what is more 'acceptable' in those fandoms? *nods*

A while back, there were some interesting thoughts about warnings. Here's where things seem to get even more messy. What may pass through one fandom with no one blinking, may raise an eyebrow in another.

Let's look at Power Rangers. Slash is everywhere. (Let's face it, guys running around in spandex, that just screams to be slashed. ;) Since it's so common, a slash warning may or may not be included. And let's go one step further, if you grow accustomed to a particular readership (and they begin to know you) some things can be skipped.

'Skipped' isn't really the word I'm looking for here, but you probably get the idea. If you know the majority of your regular readers won't have a hang up about Bridge trying on Syd's shoes, you probably wouldn't bother to put a warning for that.

But if you find yourself in a fandom where it seems that even slash should be warned for, it gets a little more tricky. I've gotten to a point where half the time, I don't bother to warn for slash, though I do have a tag for it here.

I suppose it's more of being the new hatchling on the block and not knowing where the squicks are for a fandom. Should you start warning for every thing you think might trip someone up?

So what do you all think? Are there fandoms where slash and explicit material seems more common than in others? Do you adjust your warnings to better fit those fandoms?

80s FicPicalooza Challenge Fic

Title: Unexpected Common Interests
Author/Artist: LttleDvl
Pairing: Face/Murdock
Rating: G
Prompt/Warning: Is it crazy to think I look fabulous? - cross dressing
Word count: 1246
Summary: Face gets caught doing something a bit unusual...
Mucho gracias to archae_ology for the beta run!
originally posted to the kink challenge comm, 80s FicPic-alooza

Let's just say that I like to feel sexyCollapse )

30 Kisses Fic

Title: The Truth Hurts
Author/Artist: LttleDvl
Fandom: Power Rangers SPD
Pairing: Sky Tate/Z Delgado
Theme: #13 - excessive chain
Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine, I just like to romp them through my own personal playground. ; )
Summary: The team gets some shocking news and Z decides to have a heart-to-heart with one of her teammates...
Word Count: 1684
“We’re a team, we work together as a team and we stick together as a team.”Collapse )

To Warn or Not to Warn

I've seen this discussion pop up elsewhere, but I'd like to know y'alls thoughts on this as well.

Character death; warning required?

Seems to have sparked quite a discussion.

I'm on the side of not warning. Especially if it spoils the whole fic. Any suspension or buildup is lost by warning for it. Take for example a certain Stargate Atlantis episode. Totally killed the episode for me since nobody in fandom could shut up about it. I really would have preferred not to know.

So what are your thoughts?

Bring back the 80s!

I know a lot of you out there in flist land are a bit...ahem...young to remember the 80s very well, but I have to pass this along.

It's an 80s FicPic-alooza.!

It is open to all fandoms that were around or originated from 1980-1989. It also could have originated in the 70s, but if it was around during the 80s, it’s fair game.

'80s Bands' is also included, if you'd like to swing in that direction.

It is largely geared toward kink; the subtitle, The Golden Age of Kink, kind of gives that away, but not all entries have to be kinky. Gen is fine too.

This is hosted on InsaneJournal, not LiveJournal. I know there is a way to post to IJ using and LJ account, but I haven't quite got that figured out yet. ;) Even if you don't have an InsaneJournal, you can still pop in and check out the submissions. I'm sure the comm members won't mind.

Fanvids and icons are accepted as submissions. Yay! So even if you not inspired to write a fic, you can icon your old favorite shows. (That's assuming you have those old favs. God, I feel old now. Lol!

And yes, I'm totally doing some of this. Hah!


Oooh, fic!


Current count...

Well, I did my typing of fic. I didn't quite make it to the end of the notebook as my eyeballs were ready to protest staring at iddy biddy words in chicken scratch. Boy, I have atrocious handwriting sometimes. *snerk*

There is still a bit of randomness to go through, but otherwise the massive brunt of the backlog is typed up.

The tally sheet:

Nine fics
6,009 words total
1 SPD/B5 chapter (whoo!)
3 A-Team (hey; where'd those come from ;)

Fics ready for posting:

Outside of a double drabble, everything is still very much rough draft. (I bounced at the word count of 209 and thought that for *once* I could do an actual drabble. Okay, double drabble. Blah. So picky :) Especially the last couple of ones I typed I up. I made so many typos it was getting ridiculous. And we all know spell check is only going to catch but so much.

So now, a bit of chill time and then eventually bed. Yes I'm up at 2am, what of it. :P




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