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I can have fic?

Now that the worky bit is done, I've got some stuff hanging out in the notebook(s) that I'm planning to type up.

Hopefully it'll kick the muse's butt awake. *grumbles*

The one thing I noticed about my side job is that editing is really *not* conducive to writing. Especially with certain stories. Good Lord. It boggles me that this/these were submitted for eventual publication. I've seen better grammar skills in fanfic. Not to be dissin' fanfics, mind you. Just saying that one would think a 'professional author', one who has published before, would have more skill than that. At least I feel like I'm earning my pay. ;p

After spending days slogging through such stuff, it leaves me with no desire to want to do anything remotely associated with stories. Either reading or writing it. (hello tv veg time!) But now that they're sent off to my boss, hopefully I can do something worthwhile fic wise. I've been meaning to get this backlog typed up anyway...



miss_zedem came up with the idea of a fluff!battle! as another way to respond to LJ's recent yada,yada,yada...anyway, that's beside the point.

The point *here* is to have comment ficlet wars. Fluff style! Sort of like a mini-round robin thing except all fluffy and snuggly. Just in time for Easter too! Goes well with those pastel colored peeps. Mmm, peeps! *chomps*

There are supposed to be prompts...but feel free to make your own. (or borrow from miss_zedem, she has some interesting ones there) Basically, write your ficlet, post a prompt at the end and see who takes it up from there.

Or post a new ficlet entirely if there isn't anything that suits your fancy.

All fandoms are welcome! Crossovers even! Get kinky! Oooh; speaking of kink, if you want to swing that direction, that's cool. Just put a rating and type of pairing (het/slash) in the comment subject line so people can pass it by if that's not their thing.

There were some rules originally, but hey! I say let anarchy rule! The only rule for this is ficlet war is !fluff! If you have to angst, make it happy angst! o_O Err...ok, let's not. Kinda defeats the purpose of angst, don't it? ;P

And as miss_zedem said, "It doesn't have to be all puppies and rainbows, just so long as we don't all want to slash our wrists at the end."


So..I'm doing that rp thing right? And we got hit with freaky angel statues.

We succesfully beat them and brought people back from the past.
Cause for celebration time, right?

G'Kar celebrated too. And then celebrated some more.

Betcha he's gonna regret that come morning. Hee!

(yes; I am totally making my G'Kar drunk off of his spotted lil butt. lol!)


Insane Journal

Way back months ago, I started an IJ. Just for a backup while LiveJournal was busy hacking, slicing and dicing folks' journals with joy and abandon.
hiya strikethrough 07!

I posted a few fics that I'd previously posted here. The idea was I'd post *all* fics there as a sort of archive, starting with the oldest first and working my way to current stuff...but alas, I didn't get very far with that. *sheepish look*

But it's still there and with LJ's 'newly improved, clear and concise' policies *coughhackbullshitcoughcough* I think I may be using it a bit more.

And...I've just now created another IJ...lttledvl. Wow, I'm so original ain't I?

Basically, the two of them will work much like my two LJs. One for fanfic/fandomness bits, lttledvl_writes and one for the typical, everyday (or not so much everyday :P) ramblings, lttledvl. That one currently is just as blank and squeaky clean like a newborn baby.

.... erm ....

Otay, newborns are not that clean at first. Not right after they come out. I know, I've seen 'em. I've done it. Twice!!

Anyway, you get the jist of it.

IJ - if you've got one, friend me there.

Not bailing out of the good ship Titanic LiveJournal just yet, but I like having the life raft *right there* in case its needed.


Fanfic; plageristic or not?

icarusancalion has done a very good write-up on the difference between plagiarism and fanfic.

Fanfic can sometimes walk a very narrow tightrope, that question 'can fanfic be considered as original works or is it just copyright rip-offs?' becomes even more obscured when people plagerize. Whether it's a well-known published work or someone else's fanfic.

Go read Icarus's little ok; not so little essay.

The Hell, Microsoft?

Word 2007; the new internet webpageCollapse )

Is this supposed to be a document program or a freakin' webpage app? o_O

Offically, my opinion of this so far is... SUCKZ!!!

It really is too much centered on webpage/internet -- 'stuffs'. There are so many handy features *rolls eyes* to help you create whatever your heart may desire. Pay no mind to the fact that all of these features are handily brought to you by your big brother watching you always built-in and friendly Microsoft search seek and destroy function. So handy to have Word pull up tell your firewall 'Hell NO!' to Word having net access pre-fab templates for all kinds of documents. cuz obviously, you have no brain and are incapable of creating anything on your own

I can haz Word 2003 back now?


NaNo never really stops

becky_black wrote a very interesting and thoughtful article about NaNo. Why NaNoWriMo is not about writing

I recommend y'all read it, even if you didn't participate. Some very good and interesting points there.


Otay; I haz found new fandom. Hee!

Title: For The Birds
Author: LttleDvl
Fandom: A-Team
Pairing: Murdock/Face (non-slashy)
Rating: G
Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine, I just like to romp them through my own personal playground. ; )
Summary: Face must hate having to room with Murdock all the time...
Word count: 565

Everyone should have a hobbyCollapse )


March; the merry month of ficlets!


Go there! You know you want to!

This pimp job brought to you by kikos_ai and the letter O.
(you thought I was going to say M, didn't you? :D )


I'm going on a bit of a hiatus.

No; I don't feel like going into details just now. I have changed a lot of my posts to private. As it was the better alternative to wiping out my entire lj. (and believe me, it was tempting)

I dunno when I'll be back full time. Could be weeks, could be months. Right now, I simply don't know.



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