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Bring back the 80s!

I know a lot of you out there in flist land are a bit...ahem...young to remember the 80s very well, but I have to pass this along.

It's an 80s FicPic-alooza.!

It is open to all fandoms that were around or originated from 1980-1989. It also could have originated in the 70s, but if it was around during the 80s, it’s fair game.

'80s Bands' is also included, if you'd like to swing in that direction.

It is largely geared toward kink; the subtitle, The Golden Age of Kink, kind of gives that away, but not all entries have to be kinky. Gen is fine too.

This is hosted on InsaneJournal, not LiveJournal. I know there is a way to post to IJ using and LJ account, but I haven't quite got that figured out yet. ;) Even if you don't have an InsaneJournal, you can still pop in and check out the submissions. I'm sure the comm members won't mind.

Fanvids and icons are accepted as submissions. Yay! So even if you not inspired to write a fic, you can icon your old favorite shows. (That's assuming you have those old favs. God, I feel old now. Lol!

And yes, I'm totally doing some of this. Hah!



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Apr. 13th, 2008 11:26 pm (UTC)
I'm permanently insane over there, so I've never had to do this, but apparently you can log in via OpenID with your LJ username and password, and you'll be identified as username.livejournal.com. I think there's even a way to set up OpenID to allow icons and email notifications. (I'd be more help if I ever paid attention when folks posted helpful information about these things.)
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